Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 3-3: Tactician -Hinata-]

Madoka: “Kaito…!”

I chased Kaito immediately into the lesson room where he fled from the office.

Kaito: “…What is it?”

Madoka: “From what you were saying… are you telling me that I’m unwanted?”

Kaito: “…”

Madoka: “I just want to see you acting out my script…”

Kaito: “But that’s just your own selfish desire that will never be fulfilled… isn’t it?”

Madoka: “But I…”

Kaito: “Just hurry up and leave!”

Madoka: “Are you sure about this though…?”

Kaito: “It’s none of my business… just go ahead if that’s what you want”

I froze up to Kaito’s cold, harsh words.

Madoka: (I thought that one day, Kaito and I would be able to understand each other eventually…)

Madoka: (That one day, he would acknowledge me, and act out the scripts I write…)

Madoka: “… I understand your feelings, Kaito.”

Kaito: “…”

I faced my back towards Kaito, and dragged my dull body out of the room

— A few days after the receiving scout from another production

Kaito: “… Hey.”

Hinata: “Oh, mornin’!”

Kaito: “Where’s that stupid woman? I haven’t seen her around.”

Hinata: “By any chance, are you looking for her?”

Kaito: “As if I would. I was just curious because she isn’t around.”

Hinata: “I see.”

Kaito: “If you don’t know anything, then just say so!”

Hinata: “… Of course I know.”

Hinata: “If you’re talking about her, she went off to the other theatrical production.”

 Kaito: “…What?”

Hinata: “Well, they have their skills and reputation set in place, and acknowledge her talent. I personally think that it’s such a good opportunity.”

Kaito: “Tch… that idiot!”

*Kaito Leaves*

Sousei: “…That was a bit overdone, wasn’t it?”

Hinata: “Well it’s Kaito’s fault for not being honest!”


Screencap and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

Chapter 4-1 →

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