Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 4-3: Slowly with you]

Kaito: “You little brat, you fooled me!”

Hinata: “Ouch, ouch, it hurts!!”

As soon as we went back to the company, Kaito captured Hinata and grinded at his head.

Hinata: “You’re the one that bolted out without hearing the whole story!!”

Kaito: “Regardless, you worded it in a way that could be taken the wrong way on purpose…!!”

As the two argued amongst themselves, I stared at them happily.

Kyouya: “Seems like we’re back to normal.”

Sousei: “I was really worried about what would happen at one point but… all thanks to you, Madoka.”

Madoka: “Not at all, I didn’t do much…”

Jin: “If he improves on his theatre performances from now on, then I’d have no complaints on him…”

Madoka: “Haha I’ll try my best to support his improvement!”

Madoka: (I’m so glad to see the usual sight I see in the company…)

I felt assured as I glanced at everyone with a smile on their faces.


Kaito: “What’s up with the wording of this line? It doesn’t get to the point at all, just like you.”

On this day, I arrived at the lesson room early so that Kaito could go through his lines together with me.

Kaito: “The lines need to be straightforward, so that it can sink into the audiences’ ears easily!”

By the time, I realised it was Kaito criticising my script, even though I was suppose just to see him practise.

Madoka: (I’ve got to say, that what he says is a constructive advice. But…)

Madoka: “I wrote this line in a way that you wouldn’t be throwing rage at the other person. Within the anger lies the sorrow of losing your closest friend…”

Kaito: “But if that’s the case, wouldn’t this other line lose its effect?”

Madoka: “Not at all. This line has a significance in the last scene.”

Recently, I’ve been very conscious to talk out my own opinions carefully and neatly to him.

Kaito: “Oh, well if that’s the case…”

—and Kaito has also been more accepting, and listens to what I have to say too.

Kaito: “Alright then, let’s go through the script in one go.”

Madoka: “Yes please!”

Kaito: “Keep an eye out; I’ll show you my ‘colour’ right now.”

He smiled at me as if he’s got everything sorted in his mind; and to me, he was brighter than ever.

Madoka: (I feel like I can produce really good pieces together with him…!!)

My heart danced to the bright hope within me.


CG and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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