Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 5-1: Uneven gears]

One day, when we were rehearsing our performance for a nearby arts festival—

Kaito: “Damn…!”

When we paused the rehearsal, Kaito spilled, irritated.

Kaito: “We’re gonna do the scene we just did one more time!”

Kyouya: “You’ve been rehearsing non-stop from the start. You need to rest, otherwise your concentration will cut off.”

Kaito: “Tch…”

Our upcoming performance featured Kaito as the main role. But… Kaito wasn’t satisfied with the acting.

Madoka: (We’ve been practising the same scene countless times, and it’s causing stress on the other members….)

Madoka: (I’m worried if we’ll be fine on the day at this rate…)

I observed everyone, as uneasiness built up inside my heart. Till suddenly… Kaito raised his voice on Subaru.

Kaito: “What was that acting you did moments ago? You are not putting in any effort into your lines…”

Subaru: “What, me!?”

Kaito: “Also, don’t chuck in ad-libs here and there. You should be adjusting your lines to mine!”

Sousei: “…Kaito.”

Kaito: “What!?”

Sousei: “You’re being too harsh. You realise it yourself, right? You’re just putting the frustration onto others.”

Kaito: “But I…”

Sousei: “Why don’t you go out for a bit to cool down?”

Kaito: “…”

Madoka: “Kaito…!!”

Our eyesight crossed one another for a split second but he fled out of the lesson room straight away.

–From that day when he accepted my words that “I’ll change Kaito’s colour into a new one”, Kaito increased his variation of acting. Recently he’s been accepting other’s opinions and adjusting to their paces little by little.

But things like this were also bound to happen…

Madoka: (What should I do…? At this rate…)

Kyouya: “There’s no time to waste till arts festival. We need to polish everything till then, but…”

The Arts Festival is an event held in our region, and the whole city looked forward to the day.

Since we only had one day to perform, everyone was getting ready for it in excitement.

Madoka: (We need the main cast, Kaito… Otherwise we can’t move on.)

As thoughts spiraled in my head, Hinata glanced towards me.

Hinata: “Isn’t it Kaito’s caretaker’s turn now?”

Madoka: “I’m not really a caretaker…”

Kyouya: “Would it be alright to ask you?”

With Kyouya’s words pushing my back, I moved my feet forward to chase after Kaito.


Screencap and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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