Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 5-3: Kaito that I don’t know]

Madoka: “Kaito…”

I held onto Kaito’s hand tightly in the quiet hospital room. Even if I called his name, he didn’t respond.

Madoka: (…He would wake up soon… right?)

The thought of him not opening his eyes ever again sent shivers down my back.

Madoka: (But thanks to Kaito, I am at safety right now…)


Madoka: “Kaito! Please wait for me!”

I stepped forward to run after Kaito. But in that moment, the car’s honk echoed loudly…

Madoka: (I’m going to get run over…!)

As soon as I recognised my current situation, my body froze in its place. But…

Kaito: “Madoka! What are you doing!?”

My body flew over as he shouted. Then…


A blunt noise and then by the time I processed my situation… Kaito was lying on the ground.

===flashback end===

Madoka: “Open your eyes… please…”

I clenched onto his hand, squeezing my hope into him.

Kaito: “…Urgh.”

Madoka: “Kaito…! Kaito!!”

I cried his name out. But what I got in return was his face full of confusion after looking at me.

Kaito: “What is it…? Stop shouting at me…”

Kaito dropped his words. Although he sounded annoyed, there was a small doze of fear in his words.

Madoka: “Do you feel pain anywhere…?”

I reached out to his hand, only to be slapped away relentlessly.

Madoka: “Um… is there anything wrong?”

I asked him but he stared back at me, looking more confused than I did.

Kaito: “That’s exactly what I wanted to ask… Who are you?”

At first, I thought that he was joking around… or so I wanted to believe. Until the doctor informed me of something terrible.

Madoka: (I can’t believe that the impact he received from the car crash caused memory loss…)

He won’t have any problems with eating, changing clothes and other daily chores. He has no problems with his thought process, conversation and movement.

But his memory… is only retrieved up to the point where he hasn’t entered the company. That’s Kaito’s current situation.

After the doctor read out the conditions, I explained it again to Kaito.

Although I was the one to explain to him, I was still confused about what was going on.

Madoka: “I need to tell everyone in the production too…”

Kaito: “Wait…”

After shaking his head to my suggestion, he continued with his words.

Kaito: “I want you to keep this between you and me… Don’t tell this to anyone from the production.”

Madoka: “Huh…?”


CG and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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