Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 6-3: A “sweet” time]

Madoka: (Ah… as expected, he’s still practising.)

After the rehearsal, I sneaked out of the office to check up on Kaito.

Even though he’s lost the memories he’s acquired after entering the company, he showed off his perfect acting in the rehearsal after the incident. It was perfect from his lines to his moves.

Madoka: (Kaito said that his body naturally moved that way but that just means he’s put in so much effort to be able to do so.)

The fact of him practising for hours made me feel happy.

But even so, I’ve been on a constant worry about him living his way through without the memories.

Kaito: “…Why are you observing me from so far away?”

Madoka: “Um… I thought I might disturb you otherwise.”

Kaito: “Not at all. I was actually about to have a break.”

Madoka: “That’s great! In fact, I bought crepes for us just then!”

Madoka: “It’s “maple chocolate crepe with double cream” from the crepe stall in front of the station!”

Kaito: “Uh… Oh… alright?”

I noticed Kaito’s face tensed up slightly.

Madoka: “You always had this crepe, so often that the cashier would know what you want as soon as they see your face!”

Kaito: “Oh, I see…”

Kaito took the crepe from my hands and took a bite.

Kaito: “This is tasty…”

Madoka: “Right? Does it bring you back any memories…?”

Kaito: “Nope…”

Kaito shook his head as he kept taking bites off his crepe.

Madoka: (I was hoping for it to trigger some memories back… I guess it’s good nevertheless since he’s enjoying it.)

Staring at Kaito eating made my stomach grumble.

Kaito: “Wanna take a bite?”

Madoka: “N, no, it’s all good…”

Kaito: “C’mon, don’t hold yourself back.”

Kaito pushed his crepe right near my face.

Kaito: “Here.”

Madoka: “…Thank you.”

I’ve never been fed anything from Kaito, and I got a little nervous.

Kaito: “…”

Madoka: (It’s a bit embarrassing to be seen while eating…)

Madoka: “…Do you really need to stare at me while I eat?”

Kaito: “Nah, I was just thinking that you eating something is kinda sexual.”

Madoka: “…!! Um, thank you again for letting me take a bite…”

Kaito gave a cheeky smirk after seeing me feel embarrassed.

Kaito: “You’ve got cream on you.”

He wiped the cream on the corner of my mouth off… and then stepped closer to me.

Madoka: “Ha, hang on! Why are you trying to kiss me!?”

Kaito: “Huh? Aren’t you my girlfriend?”

Madoka: “What!? Um, well…”

Kaito: “You weren’t…?”

Madoka: “We-, well I guess you could say so…”

Stuttering to my words, Kaito tilted his head, wondering what’s wrong. My heart was racing from having Kaito’s face up so close.


CG and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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