Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 7-2: Who’s “himself” is that]

One day when I was frustrated about Kaito’s memory not returning…

Madoka: (The lesson seems to have a commotion!?)

I rushed back to see…

Madoka: “Kaito!?”

There, I saw Kaito collapsing with his hands trembling and his face turning blue.

Sousei: “Madoka, good thing you’re here. I just called the ambulance, so could you come with us?”

Madoka: “What happened to Kaito…?”

Sousei: “We don’t know. He suddenly collapsed and… He might have hit his head, so don’t move him.”

Subaru: “Could it be that Kaito’s gotten a disease?”

Kyouya: “He didn’t show any signs of that kind though…”

Everyone looked at Kaito as if they couldn’t believe what was going on.

Kaito woke up after a while being transferred into the hospital.

Kaito: “Madoka…?”

After recognising my face, he looked down to his arms. He opened his eyes wide at the sight of a needle being inserted into his arm.

Madoka: “You collapsed, Kaito.”

Madoka: “The causes were sleep deprivation, overwork and malnutrition. You didn’t eat properly recently, did you?”

Kaito: “…”

Madoka: “I’m so sorry… I was with you so often, yet I didn’t realise…”

Kaito: “It’s not your fault…”

Kaito pinched my cheeks as if he’s trying to cheer me up.

Kaito: “I’ve been helped by you so many times throughout my daily life.”

Kaito: “Rather, I’m sorry for causing so much bother.”

Madoka: “Not at all… I’m just happy being able to help you out.”

I said my exact words from heart out loud. Kaito gave me a smile in return. A rather sad smile.

Kaito: “I’ve actually… been so anxious.”

Madoka: “What…?”

Kaito: “There are so many people around me, yet I feel lonely. Whenever I get praised, it feels like it’s not directed towards me.”

Madoka: “What are you talking about? Everyone is saying how your acting got better…”

Kaito: “Those are words directed towards me before I lost my memory… It’s not towards me now. On top of that… I’m afraid.”

Kaito’s last few words were said under his breath, quietly.

Kaito: “Even though I have so many acquaintances, they’re people I don’t know, and I don’t even know how I built the relationship between us.”

Kaito: “I just keep lining up words for them and nothing is left behind… I can’t trust anyone.”

Madoka: (I feel like this is the first time Kaito ever told me his honest feelings…)

Madoka: (To him, only his “current self” exists. His “past self” doesn’t exist in himself…)

I couldn’t help my feelings and grabbed his hands tightly.

Madoka: “If you’re feeling empty because you don’t know who you were before… I’ll tell you about how you were.”

Kaito: “That doesn’t mean I can return to who I was before…”

Madoka: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t return back to who you were. As long as you can start building true relationships with others now.”

Kaito: “Who they want isn’t my current self…!”

Madoka: “That’s not true! Everyone likes you, so they’re standing by your side.”

I tried to cheer him up but instead, it seemed to have increased his loneliness.

Kaito: “If that’s the case then…”


Screencap and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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