Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Cast Drama: ~BirthDay~]

—- Cast Drama Part 1: Intro Drama —-

While everyone gathered at Kaito’s house to celebrate his birthday, I gave him an extra large sized Boneless Ham plushie as a present.

Madoka: (Kaito… he seems really happy. I got worried for a second when he said he doesn’t want it…)

Madoka: (But when Hinata said “If you don’t want it, I’d be happy to take it instead” he took his words back…)

I took out the digital camera Sousei passed onto me beforehand to take a photo of Kaito’s rather embarrassed face.

They left to cut up the cake but they secretely told me to take a photo of how Kaito is acting.

Once I pressed the button, it made a sound. Kaito picked it up and looked up.

Kaito: “Don’t joke around! What are you secretly taking a photo for! I mean, stop taking photos without my permission so often!”

Iori: “Well if you did give a permission, it wouldn’t be a candid photo would it?”

Kaito: “I’m telling you to stop taking candids!”

Jin: “There there Kaito, stop being so irritated. Madoka cut up the cake for us, so let’s all dig in.”

Kaito: “Huh!? Why did you cut it! Isn’t it my cake?”

Subaru: “What? Kaito… were you planning to have the whole cake to yourself!?”

Kaito: “Well why not? It’s my birthday after all!”

Kaito acted irritated but he seemed like he’s having fun from the look of his face.

The special night came close to the end as we kept partying.

—-Cast Drama Part 2: The present is myself?—-

We kept joking around and having fun at the birthday party. By the time I looked up to the clock, it was already past 10 o’clock

Madoka: “Ah, it’s late now… I need to head home soon.”

Subaru: “Madoka, you might as well stay at Kaito’s place for the night! We’re doing it too!”

Jin: “But we can’t let a single girl stay for a night amidst all of us, right?”

Sousei: “I’ll walk her to the station.”

Madoka: “It’s okay. The station isn’t that far either.”

Kyouya: “But… Madoka, are you okay by yourself?”

I Was about to say that I’ll be fine, until Kaito stood up.

Kaito: “I don’t really like the idea of you walking outside so late. It can’t be helped, so I’ll walk you.”

Madoka: “Um, but I’ll really be fine alo…”

Kaito: “Oi, hurry up.”

Madoka: “…Okay.”

Madoka: (Is it really okay to take the main person of this party out…?)

While walking towards the station, I started talking to Kaito.

Madoka: “Um, Kaito. Thank you so much.”

Kaito: “Huh? …What are you saying all of the sudden.”

Madoka: “I was planning to go home by myself but I ended up getting a favour from the main person of the party…”

Kaito: “Oh, right. That’s nothing. After all, I give favours to everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s my birthday or not.”

Even though it was his usual confident tone, his face showed a glimpse of embarrassment.

Madoka: “I guess that’s true.”

I looked up towards Kaito and smiled at him.

Madoka: “I always know that you’re a kind person at heart!”

Kaito: “…!”

Kaito froze up and looked at me confused, then he turned his back to me.

Kaito: “Let’s go.”

He said it off dry and stepped forward. He then turned back towards me, grabbed my hand and held it tight.

Madoka: “Ah…! Kaito…”

He pulled my by the hand and lead the way. As we kept walking on, I noticed that we’re walking in the completely opposite way to the station.

Madoka: “Um, Kaito? Isn’t the station that way…?”

Kaito: “I know. …Get the idea you idiot.”

Kaito: “Jeez. If they really want to celebrate my birthday, they should leave us two alone and go home. I can barely be alone with you.”

Madoka: “Huh? What did you just…”

Kaito: “…Oi, your hand should be here. Come closer to me.”

Kaito pulled my hand and rested it onto his arms. He then looked into my eyes and smirked.

Kaito: “That’s enough present for today. …Don’t worry, when your birthday comes, I’ll return double the amount.”

Madoka: “D… Double the amount…”

Kaito: “I can’t wait for you birthday~ What should I do to you~? Hmmm~?”

Madoka: “Je-… jeez! Stop it!”

Kaito grinned happily and let go of my arm, he pulled my shoulder closer to him instead.

We walked on slowly, side by side, as we enjoyed out the night view.


CGs and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro cast app game.

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