Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Cast Drama: ~Xmas Date~]

—-Cast Drama Part 1: Intro Drama—-

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve-

I got dragged out by Kaito, who said to me “We’re gonna have Christmas dinner at a restaurant I booked for!!!” and ended up walking along the piers.

Kaito: “Oi, Madoka. It’s over this way, hurry up.”

Madoka: “Oh, Okay! Um… is there even a restaurant near a place like this?”

Kaito grinned, looking rather mischievious. After following him for another while, “that”, which was connected by a bridge, came into my view.

The cruiser ship stood out of all the boats in the pier. Kaito stood in front of it, and leaned forward.

Kaito: “Is it to your liking, mistress?”

Kaito: “This very night, we shall enjoy the dinner cruise set inside as an Christmas event. I shall escort you so… please take my hand.”

Madoka: (Di… dinner cruise!? I mean… Kaito is acting so different to usual, I don’t know what to say…)

Kaito: “Jeez, I did this much for you, where’s your reaction!?”

Kaito pouted as he looked away. His cheeks looked blushed but perhaps it’s just the sunset brushing their warm colours onto him.

—-Cast Drama Part 2: A Holy Night, the warmth in his arms—-

Please note that this part is told from Kaito’s point of view.

The cruiser started sailing across the waters as the sun set and by the time we stepped out into the open air, the stars were shining in the sky.

Madoka looked up with her glistening eyes to the Christmas illuminations decorated across the bridge as we got closer.

Madoka: “Woah…! It’s so beautiful!!”

Kaito: “Right? Are you enjoying yourself?”

Madoka: “I’m enjoying too much…!! I feel so hyped up, I can’t find any words to describe my feeling…!!”

She muttered “it’s so beautiful” once again before she fixed her gaze onto me from the bridge.

Madoka: “The word “picturesque”… it suits you so much right now.”

Kaito: “Huh, quite obviously. Would I ever not be picturesque?”

Madoka: “Haha, that’s actually true. If it’s not you, the scenery I’m seeing wouldn’t be as beautiful.”

Madoka chuckled and stared up to the bridge that’s slowly edging towards us. After spending a couple of moments out on the deck…

Madoka: “Kaito… it feels a little chilly, no?”

Madoka rubbed her hands together and breathed out a white breath.

Kaito: “It is. But once we move a bit further down, we’ll reach the best location. So hold on till we get there.”

Madoka: “Best location…? Alright.”

Madoka replied “I’ll look forward to it” with a smile and went back to warming up her hands. I let out a sigh as I saw her small shoulders shivering.

Kaito: “Jeez… can’t be helped, can it.”

I reached out to Madoka’s shoulders and pulled her close to myself.

I felt her tense up, perhaps from being nervous, as I wrapped my arms around her.

Madoka: “Ka, Kaito…! Um…”

Kaito: “You don’t feel cold like this, right?”

Kaito: “Well, I’m not really cold by myself… but since it’s Christmas, you get special treatment.”

She blinked several times. I slid my arms down to her waist and took her small hand with my empty hand.

Kaito: “Here, now we’re in the picture together.”

Madoka: “…!!!”

Madoka didn’t say anything. But her cheeks flushed red in an instant… ha, she got embarrassed.

Kaito: “Oh, look over there. Seems like we arrived just in time.”

Madoka: “Um… ah…!!! It’s so pretty!!”

It was when our cruise ship was passing under the bridge.

Kaito: “What do you think? It’s a nice scenery to perfect our Christmas night, right? Obviously I’m the finishing touch though.”

Kaito: “Actually… we’re both the main cast of tonight.”

Madoka looked up to me between my arms. The thought of her eyes reflecting me just tickled my heart.

Madoka: “Kaito…”

Kaito: (It’s tickling… Tonight is a special night, so I guess it’s not bad to feel like this once in a while…)

Her eyes cast a shadow and closed slowly, my reflection in her eyes was disappearing behind her eyelids.

I tightened my arms around her and pulled her closer to me…


CGs and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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