Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Cast Drama: ~Yukimi Onsen~]

—-Cast Drama Part 1: Intro Drama—-

We came to a hot spring hotspot as Yumeiro Company’s employee trip. While Kaito and I walked around the hot springs town, we came across a signboard that stated “foot bath”.

Kaito stubbornly said “Isn’t it just hot water? Such an elderly thing to do”, so I got him to try it out just for the fun of it.

Kaito: “What is this… it feels nice… I mean! No no, I mean… it… feels nice, right?”

He seems to be surprised by how nice it is, and tells me excitedly.

Madoka: (It’s nice that he enjoys it.)

Relieved at heart, he beckoned me over when I was looking at him.

Kaito: “…Oi, what are you just standing there for? Come over.”

Madoka: “Huh? …You mean I should get into the foot bath too?”

Kaito: “Duh! What’s the point of being in this alone? Come over here and enjoy it with me.”

I nodded to his excited invitation, took off my geta sandals and dipped my feet next to his.

—Cast Drama Part 2: “Just shut up and follow me”—-

At the hot springs outside at night —

Kaito: “Alright, we’re ready to go.”

Kaito finished preparing to head into the bath and picked up the basin in one hand and grinned.

In the basin there were towel, shampoo, treatments, body soap and… a yellow duck.

Kaito: “Gotta have this little one to go with hot springs.”

He nodded to himself and started to walk towards the outside bath.

Kaito: “…?”

For some reason, Sousei and Hinata were standing at the door towards the bath, looking outside through the glass doors.

Kaito: “What are they doing…?”

Tilting his head in confusion, he tip-toed towards the two and…

slapped Hinata and Sousei’s back with a loud “smack”!

Hinata: “Ouch!? What was that for!”

Sousei: “Kaito… that hurt…”

The two looked back with irritation in their eyes and Kaito smirked at them back.

Kaito: “What are you two even doing?”

Kaito: “Just head outside rather than standing here, you guys are gonna catch a cold you know.”

Hinata: “Says someone that smacked our backs… I don’t understand if you’re trying to be nice or arrogant.”

Kaito: “Huh? I’m always nice.”

Sousei: “We’re actually itching to get outside as well.”

Kaito: “…What’s the matter then?”

Hinata: “Look outside. It’s snowing.”

Kaito: “Snow…?”

Tilting his head, Kaito looked outside towards where Hinata pointed. Looking closely, there was snow falling from the skies, glistening around the lampshades surrounding the open bath.

Kaito: “Are you serious… it was sunny in the afternoon.”

Sousei: “It can’t be helped, the weather changes easily during this season.”

Sousei: “I don’t mind going outside but it’ll be too cold, so we were discussing if we should head to the big public bath instead.”

Kaito: “I see…”

Hinata: “Come on, put on your yukata and let’s go. If we stay here any longer, we’re gonna catch a cold!”

Sousei: “Indeed. Kaito, change into-…”

As if he was trying to interrupt Sousei’s words, Kaito pulled at the glass door.

Hinata: “Hey, Kaito!?”

Sousei: “Kaito? Don’t tell me you’re… heading in right? It’s not a good idea, it’s definitely too col–…”

Kaito: “As if minus 30 degrees is cold enough to freeze me, right?”

Kaito: “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to just head in and make ourselves warm?”

Hinata: “What!?”

Sousei: “Hang on, hang on…”

Kaito looked back towards the two that are being so worried and smirked.

Kaito: “Come on, we’re heading in!”

Kaito: “Just shut up and follow me!”

Sousei and Hinata glanced at each other, not knowing why Kaito is acting all mighty so suddenly…


CGs and original text were taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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