Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Cast Drama: ~Valentine’s~]

—-Part 1: Intro Drama—-

Madoka: “Kaito, this is for you…”

On the day of Valentine’s, I passed on chocolate to him when it got near our date.

Kaito: “Huh? Seriously!?”

Madoka: “What do you mean “seriously”…?”

Kaito: “Isn’t this chololate? It’s chocolate, right!?”

Madoka: “Um, yes. Today’s Valentine’s day after all.”

Kaito: “Wow, I can’t believe this…!!”

Madoka: “Kaito, you’re making a big deal out of this.”

Kaito: “It’s because you didn’t give me anything till now. I thought you didn’t have anything ready!”

Madoka: (Kaito seems kind of relieved…?)

Madoka: “I’m sorry. I found it cute how you were fidgeting around and getting nervous as to if you’re getting something or not, so I delayed it a bit.”

Kaito: “What do you mean…”

Kaito sounded angry but his cheeks were slightly red.

Kaito: “Well… I’ll take it… thanks.”

He mumbled a thank you in a small voice.

—-Part 2: One warmth for both of us—-

Madoka: “Woah… it’s so scenic.”

When the night came around, Kaito and I went to a hill to see a night view.

Kaito: “Indeed, quite a sight.”

Madoka: “It’s so sparkly… reminds me of jewelry boxes.”

Madoka: (I’m so happy that I could see a scenery as beautiful as this on Valentine’s with Kaito.)

I smiled at the fuzzy happy feeling in my heart about being together.

Madoka: “…” *sneezes*

Kaito: “Woah! You surprised me…”

Kaito showed a surprised expression and then sighed.

Kaito: “Jeez, if you felt cold, you could’ve just told me.”

Madoka: “It’s not like tha-…” *sneezes*

Kaito: “It can’t be helped…”

Kaito: “Here, use this.”

He handed me over the gloves he had on his hands.

Madoka: “I’m alright. Moreover, you’d start to feel cold…”

Kaito: “Just use it.”

Madoka: “But… what if you catch a cold?”

Kaito: “I’m gonna be troubled if you catch a cold.”

Madoka: “…Huh?”

Kaito said as if he was irritated but suddenly his cheeks turned red.

Madoka: “By “troubled”, you mean…”

Kaito: “Well… I mean… It’s in return for the chocolate. Just hurry up and put it on.”

Kaito pushed one of the gloves onto me.

Madoka: “…Thank you.”

Kaito: “Now, put your right hand without the glove into the pocket.”

Madoka: “Um, like this?”

I shoved my right hand into my pocket without understanding much and Kaito let out a frustrated sigh.

Kaito: “Idiot, that’s not what I mean…”

He then grabbed my right hand and shoved it into his pocket.

He gently cradled my hand with his inside the pocket.

Madoka: “Kaito…”

Kaito: “You’re not cold anymore, right?”

Madoka: “…Yes.”

I felt my cheeks flushing as I looked up to him and nodded.

Then I squeezed his hands back gently.


CGs and original text taken from the Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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