Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 9-3: Their influences]


Kaito: “Hmph, alright, I’ll give you permission. Do whatever you want with me.”

Madoka: (Kaito…)

—-Flashback End—-

Madoka: (I still remember that time very well.)

Madoka: (You acknowledged me and it made me so happy you thought like that.)

Madoka: (But what about you, Kaito… What do you think of me?)

Madoka: “Can I trust you, Kaito…? I can, right…?”

Kaito: “…Oi.”

Madoka: “Huh…?”


Madoka: (…Huh?)

Madoka: (This place is the office… Did I accidentally fall asleep?)

I still remember up to the point where I handed over the first draft of the script I spent the whole night writing to Kyouya.

Madoka: (After that… I wanted to rest so I sat down here…)

That’s all I remember.

I didn’t see Kyouya in sight here either.

Madoka: (Did he let me sleep…? But I felt like I heard Kaito’s voice…)

Kaito: “Hey you, you were talking in your sleep so much. …Jeez, you’d catch a cold if you sleep somewhere like this.”

Madoka: “What, Ka-, Kaito!?”

I looked back, only to see Kaito standing rather unimpressed.

Kaito: “My bad. I was just irritated… I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

Madoka: “Oh, um, that’s fine… What happened though?”

Kaito: “…It’s the journalists.”

Madoka: “Huh?”

Kaito: “I had an interview, you know, for that PV.”

Madoka: “Now that you mention it…”

Starting from this day, the promotional video for an upcoming theatre production started streaming.

The PV features the song Kaito composed overnight a little while ago.

Sousei and Kaito were supposed to have a big media interview to go with the streaming.

Madoka: (Looking at his mood… I’m assuming something happened in it.)

Everyone needs to be cautious while talking to Kaito in bad mood. If we don’t then there’s a high chance it’ll add oil to the fire.

Madoka: “But the overall impression was good, right?”

Kaito: “Huh?”

Madoka: “The PV had good reactions. That song you wrote was really good.”

Kaito’s face changed.

Kaito: “Well… When the video played, there were cheers.”

Madoka: “As I thought. Pretty expected.”

I left a moment before I opened my mouth again

Madoka: “…So what went wrong?”

Kaito: “…What happened afterwards.”

He let out a big sigh. His voice returned to his usual calmness.

Kaito: “It was when they started to throw questions at us. What do you think those journalists asked?”

Madoka: “The concept of the song, or the good points about the song…?”

Kaito: “Right! That’s right, that’s what’s normal to ask!”

Kaito: “But those guys didn’t ask anything like that. Once they opened their mouth, all that came shooting out was about “Genesis”.”

Madoka: “Genesis…”

They were a theatre production that recently started up. They have skilled casts and the media has been bringing them up a lot recently.

Kaito: “What do you think about Genesis, would you go to their productions, who would be your rival in Genesis…”

Kaito: “Genesis, Genesis, Genesis… It’s all about them!! I got so pissed off with it!!”

Madoka: “That was tough on you…”

For some reason, Genesis has been repeatedly claiming that we’re their rivals ever since they appeared.

Because of that, the media decided to take that factor in to add oil between us.

Kaito: “Either way, they’re the ones that are blabbing on about being rivals! We’ve got nothing to do with it.”

Kaito: “Why do I need to be asked about them when it was supposed to be my PV presentation!”

To be correct it wasn’t “my” but was “Yumeiro Company’s” PV and wasn’t “presentation” but “media interview”… but I obviously didn’t think about correcting him.

Madoka: “I guess it can’t be helped. Right now, they’re treating us like we’ve been rivals since forever…”

Kaito: “That’s what they did it without our consent! What are they thinking to ask us questions when they’re the ones making up the tension between us, jeez!!”

Kaito: “Anyway, I can’t work with this mood. I’m going home so pass on that message to Junior… See ya.”

Madoka: “Ah, Kaito… Wait…”

However, Kaito ignored me and left.

Madoka: (He’s such a troublemaker… but I understand where he’s coming from.)

It’s normal for someone to get angry to have their hardworked song ignored.

(But is this really okay… Hopefully he won’t cause any troubles between the media and himself…)


Original text and screenshot taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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