Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Cast Drama: ~Santa~]

Please note that in this Musical Kaito is playing the role of ‘Ginji’ the Santa.

—-Part 1—-

Those that managed to finish giving out presents by daybreak are allowed to visit their beloved ones and deliver a present to them.

After spending a couple of winters delivering a letter to his lover adbiding with that Santa’s “special rule”:

For years, Ginji was able to write the letters fluently from his heart, it was his first time that he’s struggled to write anything.

Ginji: “I can’t possibly write about “that”…”

By “that”, he meant about resigning from the Santa’s job.

He knows that she’ll be delighted if she hears the news. But as a Santa, the rule is that you don’t tell anyone about the job.

Ginji sighed deeply at the piece of paper in front of him, which only has the address written down and nothing else. Then…

????: “Huff, Huff…!!”

Ginji quickly looked back to see what the warm breath was coming from.

Ginji: “Wha, what are you doing!? Don’t surprise me!!”

It was the reindeer acquaintance that pulls his sled behind him. It nudged its nose on Ginji’s back as if it was trying to say something.

Ginji: “What do you want, you’ve been fed already. I’m busy right now, so go away.”

Ginji waved it off with a bothered face. It then chomped on his collar and then huffed and made a sound with its nose.

Ginji: “What now… Are you telling me “don’t think too much” or something?”

He guessed it but the reindeer shook its head vertically as if it wanted to say “that’s right”.

Ginji: “Stop saying that like you know how I feel…”

Ginji let out a complaint but he felt like he’s more calm now.

Ginji: (That’s right… I don’t need to think too much. I’ll just write whatever comes to mind.)

Ginji turned back towards the letter again, and thought for a bit before he started writing down the words that came to his mind.

“—I’ll promise you, I’ll be with you next Christmas. So… don’t cry. —Ginji”

—-Part 2—-

Ginji: “Jeez… To think that the last job as Santa was to follow up with a lower class man’s mistakes.”

All the presents have already been delivered. If it’s like any other years, he’d go straight to his partner’s house but…

Ginji: “Well, I guess it can’t be helped. The weather was worse than expected, so it’s a bit hard for the newcomer.”

Before Ginji left, he was requested by Shuu.

“The newcomer Yukito hasn’t flown in a bad weather condition, so help him once you’re done with your job.”

Ginji: “I’ve been helped out by others when I was a newbie too. Helping out others is part of Santa’s job.”

He muttered to himself and gripped onto the sleigh’s handle and accelerated it.

He stared at the night view below him as he thought about his partner waiting for him to come back.

His child-loving partner once said that she doesn’t feel lonely since she volunteers on Christmas Eve.

She said she bakes cakes, organises a party and wear the Santa outfit and give out presents for the children.

Ginji: (But in reality….)

Ginji knew that she was the one who waits for “Santa” to come to her more than anyone else.

Ginji: “…Sorry newbie, I’m gonna go somewhere for a bit. Hold on by yourself for a bit okay…!”

After saying that, Ginji pulled the break to fall straight down to the city.

Ginji: “Right, it’s in view now…!!”

Her house’s lights were still on, possibly still packing up the party.

Ginji: “Jeez… She really is a softie, huh?”

Even though he’s complaining, his expression is soft and warm.

She always puts effort in where people don’t see and never lets out a complaint or a cry.

Ginji always loved that side of her.

Ginji: “If I go by the rules, only the ones that are “a good child that sleeps early” gets the presents but…”

Ginji: “You’re an exception. I gotta give you a reward for making a lot of kids happy.”

Ginji took out the letter and a small present box from his pocket and threw it into the bedside window.

The two gifts were wrapped up in magic and landed on the windowsill softly like a bird.

Ginji: “…Don’t push yourself too much.”

After muttering to himself, he fired up the engine again.

Ginji: “That’s done for now! Now it’s just a battle between the time and myself… We’re gonna push the accelerator to its limit!”

At the same time as those words, the sleigh sped up high to the air and ran through the air with fast speed.

He threw a kiss as his lover’s home distanced and looked up to the skies.

He felt the weather condition getting worse as he felt the snow running past his hands.

Ginji: “About 2 hours till daybreak… looks like it’s gonna be a tough job.”

He tilted his mouth up, overflowing with confidence.

Ginji: “It’s perfect for my last job! I’ll let you all see this Ginji-sama’s run!!”

The sleigh accelerates even more. Faster than the wind, running straight like an arrow…

It sped through the air to reach the skies where his friends were waiting at.


CGs and original text taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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