Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 10-1: Caution!]

Madoka: (I think it’s better for me to go early today…)

Madoka: *breaths in* “…Alright!”

I breathed in deeply and pushed energy into me before I burst out of my house.

Madoka: (Things have gotten rough now…)

Yesterday, there was an article about Asahina-sensei on the weekly magazine that was published on that day.

Asahina-sensei is praised to be a genius, so the media tends to feature them quite often.

Most of the articles featured hidden accomplishments and some were about people that were influenced by Sensei. It was almost always something that highlights them in a good way.

But yesterday’s was an exception. They featured a big scandal.

Madoka: (I’m gonna assume there’s going to be a lot of people coming today…)

The journalists barged in on us yesterday all of a sudden and no one was able to work properly.

Madoka: (I could only hope for this issue to die down…)

Madoka: (I came a bit earlier than expected…)

I managed to reach the theatre early since the trains and the streets tend to be quiet around this time.

Madoka: (If I could go inside right now…)

I rushed over to the staff only entrance.

But it was when I was about to pass the shrubs surrounding the building.

???: “Wait.”

A voice came from the side suddenly. I shuddered in surprise.

Madoka: (Did someone find me…!?)

I pretended that I didn’t hear anything and took steps away from the shrub. Suddenly a hand reached out to grab my arm.

???: “I said wait!!”

It pulled me back. From what I felt, it was a male body.

Madoka: (Is it… a stranger!?)

I screamed out loud…

Madoka: “Kyaaa!!”

???: “O, oi!!”

Just when the stranger’s hand tried to cover my mouth, I bit his hand and attempted to escape.

???: “Wow, stop it!!! What are you doing, Madoka!!”

Madoka: (Huh…?)

I regained my calmness after being called by my name.

Madoka: (Now that I think about it, I’m sure I’ve heard that voice somewhere…)

I slowly looked back, feeling frightened. Who I saw was…

Madoka: “Kaito!?”

Kaito: “Jeez… How dare you do something like that.”

Madoka: “That’s my line. What are you doing here?”

Kaito: “It’s because of the guards…”

Madoka: “Huh…?”

Kaito: “It’s because of that new guard! Actually, you might as well fire him.”

Madoka: “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Were you drinking before you came by any chance?”

Kaito: “Oh, I’m glad you know me well enough.”

Madoka: “As expected… I’m assuming you were acting high and mighty being surrounded by your female fans?”

Kaito: “Huh?”

Kaito: “Are you… jealous?”

Madoka: “As… as if I’d be!”

Kaito: “Jeez… What are you saying, you idiot.”

Kaito: “You got it wrong, I haven’t had anything today.”

Madoka: “Huh?”

Kaito: “I just came early by coincidence because I wanted to compose a song.”

Kaito: “Besides, why would I have to go out drinking with girls other than yo-… I mean, what are you making me say!?”

Madoka: “Could you refrain from correcting your own mistakes please? …Well now I understand the situation.”

Kaito: “Heh, you’re relieved now.”

Madoka: “We’ve ended that talk! Even so, the guard has nothing to do with this afterall!”

Kaito: “Well they actually do. They’re not letting me in at all.”

Kaito: “No matter what I say, they keep saying that I need my ID card… They can’t be flexible at all.”

Madoka: “Kaito, what happened to your ID card?”

Kaito: “It’s in my wallet. It’s just that that wallet is at home.”

Madoka: “Ah, I see how it is. Finally I understand your situation.”

Madoka: “We’ll head inside together. By the way, I’m surprised you stayed outside for so long at a time like this. Did any journalists find you?”

Kaito: “What do you mean at a time like this?”

Madoka: “You haven’t heard!? It’s about that article on Asahina-sensei!!”

Kaito: “Asahina Makoto? Why would I even care about that guy.”

Madoka: “Even the TV was on about him… He’s like a personification of miracles.”

Kaito: “What happened? Was an outrageous past of his exposed or something?”

Madoka: “…There’s a weekly magazine in the office, so please read it for yourself.”

Madoka: “Anyway, let’s head in now. If we’re found by journalists…”

???: “Ah! You’re Shindou Kaito from Yumeiro Company, correct!?”

Kaito: “What is it?”

Madoka: (Oh no, we’ve been found…!)

…Suddenly we were surrounded by 5 journalists. Where were they even hiding…

???: “Nice to meet ya. I’m Teruda from quarterly magazine “Disclosure of Gossips”.”

Out of them, the one that caught us stepped forward.

Teruda: Mr. Shindou, do you have anything to say about Asahina-sensei?”

Kaito: “…I don’t know anything about him.”

Teruda: “You’re in such a bad mood… Oh, who’s this woman with you? Perhaps your partner you spent the last night with?”

Kaito: “…What did you say?”

Kaito’s expression changed immediately.

Kaito: “Oi, what did you just say!?”

Kaito’s hand reached out to Teruda’s collar.

Madoka: (Ka, Kaito!?)


Screenshot and original text taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

You can also follow my Tumblr blog for translation updates.

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