Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 10-3: Trouble, after trouble, after trouble?]

—-Phone Conversation—-

Kaito: “…Hey.”

Madoka: “Oh, Kaito. How are you feeling?”

Kaito: “Not bad. I’ve been able to work on composing since I have plenty of free time. I finished up the song with the guitar I was talking about yesterday. It turned out pretty well.”

Madoka: “I see, I’m glad to hear that.”

Kaito: “I’ll let you hear it another time.”

Madoka: “That would be great, thank you.”

Kaito: “Either way, this will end tomorrow. It was a pretty good break.”

Madoka: “Um, it wasn’t a break. You do understand that it was your punishment, right?”

Kaito was told to stay at home for a week after what happened.


Sousei: “Well, so that is the conclusion of his punishment. But I’m a little worried if Kaito will confide with it.”

Sousei: “If he breaks his house arrest and heads out to cause another trouble, then there’s no turning back…”

Madoka: “That’s true… Ah, would you like me to call him every now and then to check up on him?”

Sousei: “That would be helpful. Is that alright with you?”

Madoka: “Yep… I’d feel bad if I don’t do that at the very least for Kaito…”

Sousei: “Huh?”

Madoka: “Ah, it’s nothing. Just my own problems. Alright, so I’ll do that from now on. Leave it to me.”

—-Flashback End—-

Madoka: “To be honest, I didn’t believe that much you’d abide by your house arrest.”

Kaito: “Jeez, you sure have some guts to say something like that directly.”

Madoka: “Well, from all the things you’ve done thus far, it’s harder to believe you.”

Kaito: “Jeez…”

Madoka: “But I’m impressed in this case. I’m so relieved that you accepted the theatre’s punishment towards you.”

Kaito: “It couldn’t be helped in this matter, right?”

Kaito: “I haven’t stepped out of my house at all. I guess it was kinda annoying that I couldn’t even go out to buy food myself.”

Madoka: “But weren’t I online shopping for you instead?”

Kaito: “It’s pretty useful. I’ll use it every now and then from now on.”

Madoka: “Please feel free to. But do it yourself from now on, okay? I won’t order for you anymore.”

Kaito: “Well, even if you say so you’re a generous girl. I’ll count on you.”

Madoka: “Jeez, Kaito…”

Kaito: “By the way, how are you guys going?”

Madoka: “Well… To be honest, nothing’s improved.”

Madoka: “But I feel that the amount of journalists around our theatre has decreased.”

Kaito: “Wrong. Those guys come out just when you think they’ve disappeared.”

Kaito: “Don’t let your guard down. They’d get over it soon but this story will get them good money. As long as they have that in mind, they won’t stop.”

Madoka: “I’ll keep that in mind. Oh, Sousei contacted me about something.”

—-Phone Conversation End—-

—-At Theatre Company—-

Sousei: “I see… I’m glad to hear that he’s holding onto himself.”

Sousei: “There’s only one day to go, so it’ll end well. Thank you so much, Madoka.”

Madoka: “Not at all. I’ve only been talking on the phone and that’s it.”

Sousei: “By the way, Shiramuku of GENESIS is in the nearby café to see you.”

Madoka: “Shiramuku…?”

Sousei: “It seemed like he was told something by their leader, Haiba… What do you think?”

Madoka: “Why me though?”

Sousei: “I don’t know either. He only told me that he’s been told by Haiba to.”

Madoka: “I see. Well I’ll go seeing him since I’m interested.”

—-At Café—-


Rei: “Wow, it’s such a nice place! The tea and cakes look so nice too.”

Madoka: “So what did you come here for?”

Rei: “Is it alright if I order first? Excuse me! Um, I’d like this cake set with gâteau au chocolat and royal milk tea. What do you want?”

Madoka: “I’ll just have hot coffee…”

Rei: “EH!? Don’t say that, please order a cake set like me. Then we could have two types and eat half of each!”

Madoka: “Um… Then apple pie with coffee…”

As soon as the cakes arrived, Shiramuku cut up both of them into two.

Rei: “Okay, so this is your share. First bite of the cake… Mmm, it’s delicious!”

Madoka: “So about Haiba’s request…?”

Rei: “Oh, that’s already done!”

Madoka: “What…?”

Rei: “You see, I was just asked to take a look at how you guys are doing.”

Rei: “Haiba was concerned about that article on Asahina-sensei. So he sent me to you guys.”

Madoka: “So you were here for observation…?”

Rei: “You could say so.”

Madoka: “That’s…!!!”

Rei: “But that would have been boring, so I thought I’d have a chat with you.”

Madoka: “Huh…?”

Rei: “I’m interested in you, Madoka. From the first time I saw you… Maybe I’m in love.”

Madoka: “Um… Well I’m sorry in that case. I’m not after those kinds of things at the moment…”

By the time we left the café, it was already dark.

Rei: “Ah, it’s already so late. Thank you so much for keeping company for so long.”

Madoka: “Not at all… Please get home safe.”

Rei: “Will do. See you again!”

Madoka: (Sigh… What was that…)

Madoka: (I guess I’ll head back to report to Sousei…)

Or so I was thinking.

???: “Hey, good evening. Do you remember me?”

I turned towards the voice and saw a man smiling rather happily.

???: “It’s been a while, Miss Madoka.”

There, I saw the journalist of “Disclosure of Gossips”, Teruda.



Screenshots and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

You can also follow my Tumblr for translation updates.

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