Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 11-1: Fury]

Kaito: “Yo, it’s been a while.”

Madoka: “Ah, Kaito. Good morning.”

Kaito: “My purification is over and I finally came into work.”

Madoka: “…Congratulations.”

Kaito: “So, where’s my cake for coming back?”

Madoka: “I’m sorry… I haven’t bought one.”

Kaito: “What about champagne then?”

Madoka: “We don’t keep any alcohol in the office.”

Kaito: “…Oi.”

Madoka: “…Yes.”

Kaito: “Did you eat something weird??”

Madoka: “Not that I know of…?”

Kaito: “No way! Normally you’d be more harsh with me. Did you change your personality while I was away or something?”

Madoka: “…I haven’t.”

Kaito: “Then just talk to me like usual. Come on, try to hurt me!”

Madoka: “…”

Kaito: “Jeez, what is it? What actually happened to you? Come on, tell what happened to this Shindou Kaito?”

Madoka: “Well… Teruda actually…”

Kaito: “What? …Teruda?”

Kaito’s face changed.

Kaito: “What does that mean? Tell me about it in details…”


Madoka: “Shiromuku of GENESIS came yesterday.”

I explained to him about Shiromuku’s visit and his aim for doing so.

Kaito: “What was that supposed to be for… That bastard, looking down on us…”

Madoka: “And then we got caught by Teruda by accident.”

Kaito: “It can’t be by coincidence! He must’ve been keeping an eye out on you and followed you.”

Kaito: “Once they think that it’s a good topic to make money out of, they’ll do anything for it… Jeez, they’re just so desperate.”

Madoka: “Teruda found Sousei’s media conference explanation rather suspicious and searched about me after that.”

Kaito: “Huh… and then they figured that you’re related to us. Thanks a lot to them for destroying my precautions…”

Madoka: “…I’m sorry.”

Kaito: “It’s not your fault. Don’t worry about it.”

Kaito: “I guess it can’t be helped. Others aside, he saw your face clearly.”

Kaito: “He wouldn’t have even guessed that you’re our scriptwriter but he got his game up as soon as he smelt money from you.”

Kaito: “Why don’t you wear something like sunglasses whenever you go out? Like the big ones celebrities wear.”

Madoka: “Perhaps I should…”

Kaito: “But that means that he saw you with Shiramuku of GENESIS despite being a member of Yumeiro Company.”

Madoka: “Yes… He was after an explanation from me. I told him the truth, but he didn’t believe in me at all…”

Kaito: “Ah, well I guess that’s how it’ll go. Jeez, Shiramuku never thinks of the aftermaths.”

Madoka: “I was asked by Teruda if I’m spying on them. Whether I’m telling them what play we’re doing next or any information about us.”

Kaito: “Nonsense. They never think of anything logical.”

Madoka: “Obviously, I denied that. But then he started saying something else and I…”

Kaito: “Huh?”

Madoka: “Then he assumed that I’m flirting between him and you…”

Kaito: “What…?”

Kaito’s eyes crunched and angled up sharply.

Kaito: “That bastard…”

A dry sound echoed as Kaito smashed his right fist into his left hand.

Kaito: “I’ll bash him up.”

Madoka: “Kaito, what are you planning to do!?”

Kaito: “I’ll make him shut up… Forever.”

Madoka: “No, you can’t do anything violent.”

Kaito: “…You don’t have a single say.”

Kaito: “I don’t mind if it’s just me. But since he made you get involved, I’m not gonna hold back.”

Madoka: “Ka… Kaito… ”



Original text and CG taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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