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Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 7-3: Seeing you waiting for the morning sun]

Kaito looked disappointed after collapsing and waking up.

Kaito: “If that’s the case then wouldn’t it be so much better if I retrieve my memories as soon as possible? I’m not even worth as I used to be…”

Madoka: “Please don’t say something like that. I like you as you are right now just as equally!”

Kaito looked up with a surprised face to my words.

Kaito: “…As I am right now?”

Madoka: “After all, to find your “new” self together…”

Madoka: “…it doesn’t matter if your memories come back or not. I need Kaito that’s living at this moment!”

Kaito blinked at my words and then tilted his mouth upwards.

Kaito: “That sounds like a confession, no?”

Madoka: “Eh…?”

Kaito: “So you do like me after all.”

Madoka: “I… I mean…!”

Madoka: “Because I told you that I’ll do anything to make you shine more!”

Kaito: “Huh?”

Madoka: “I said it to you a while ago.”

Madoka: “I promised to you that I’ll dye you into a different colour…”

Kaito: “To turn me into a different colour…”

After muttering my words, he looked down to collect his thoughts.

Kaito: “…”

And then showed a frustrated face.

Madoka: “Kaito…? What’s the matter?”

Kaito: “I have a slight headache…”

Madoka: “Ah… I’m so sorry, I talked too long to someone that collapsed…”

Kaito: “Not at all…”

Madoka: “I’ll be here for tonight, so please rest well.”

After hearing my words, he nodded and closed his eyes slowly.


Next morning…

Madoka: “Nn…”

When I opened my eyes too see the bed, Kaito was by the windows.

Kaito: “You finally opened your eyes.”

The gleaming sunlight streaking into the room was bright on my eyes, and I squinted a little.

Madoka: “Kaito, you were already awake…?”

Kaito: “I woke up because your snoring was so loud.”

Madoka: “Snoring!?”

Kaito: “I’m just kidding.”

Madoka: “Je, jeez!”

I felt my face turn red.

Madoka: (Is it just me… or is Kaito’s smile brighter than what it used to look?)

Maybe it’s the sunlight making it look brighter… But even so, it feels lighter on him.

For once in a while, I had a “good feeling”.


CG and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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