Shindo Kaito Romance Drama Translation: [Chapter 11-3: Kaito’s way to persuade]

Kaito: “Jeez, what’s this mess…”

Madoka: “I was expecting bad things but not this much…”

Asahina-sensei’s scandalous article prolonged longer than we’ve expected and it got to a point where Kyoya’s next production got cancelled.

It wasn’t decided at once, obviously, but it took the people against the cancellation to give up.

…However, that wasn’t the end of it.

We, the Yumeiro Company, received so many complaints not only from the media members but also from the fans.

Sousei: “…I’m back.”

Kaito: “Oh Four-Eyes, good work.”

Madoka: “How was it?”

Sousei: “In all honesty, not good at all. I was even told that to cancel this event is against the policies.”

Madoka: “What!? By any chance, are they asking for compensation…?”

Sousei: “I tried my best to avoid that. However, it seems that it’s good for us to start talking to the lawyers.”

Kaito: “This whole thing is only going downhill at this rate…”

Sousei: “It would be good if we’re able to have an ally.”

Sousei: “The media, the fans, the companies that are involved, everyone in the industry… All of them are against us.”

Sousei: “We can just say that it can’t be helped but we really need to get out of this cornered spot, otherwise we won’t be able to do anything.”

Madoka: “This is pretty tough…”


Madoka: “Kaito, you’ve been silent all this time. What are you thinking?”

Kaito: “Huh? Ah…”

Kaito: “I was thinking about what Four-Eyes said before. That thing about making allies.”

Kaito: “Something similar happened before.”

Madoka: “Huh?”

Kaito: “It wasn’t my band but there was another one that caused a big ruckus from cancelling a live.”

Kaito: “But they found a way out eventually.”

Madoka: “I see… How did they do that?”

Kaito: “They had a local TV station that they were close with, so they opened an apology conference via them.”

Madoka: “So by media… But we can’t do that this time.”

Madoka: “We weren’t in favour with them even before Asahina-sensei’s article came out.”

Kaito: “…That’s true. They were always keeping sides with GENESIS and trying to start up something with us.”

Kaito: “GENESIS this, GENESIS that… What’s with them and GENESIS?”

Kaito’s words cut off.

Madoka: “…Kaito?”

Kaito: “Right… GENESIS.”

Madoka: “Pardon?”

Kaito: “Hey, you said that Shiramuku came to see you before, right? Do you have his contact details?”

Madoka: “Shiramuku-san…”


Rei: “Yay, it’s Madoka!”

Madoka: “Good afternoon, Shiramuku-san.”

Kaito: “Yo, Shiramuku.”

Rei: “Huh? Why is Kaito here!? I thought this was a date between Madoka and me~”

Madoka: “Um, I thought I mentioned in the email that it’s with Kaito and me…?”

Rei: “Well, I actually thought that it was a day out since it said the two of us.”

Kaito: “Why are you trying to read her words in your favour!? On top of that, my name was clearly stated.”

Rei: “It probably didn’t come into my sight. I don’t remember seeing it.”

Kaito: “Oi!”


Rei: “Wow, this cake is so delicious!”

Kaito: “I told you. This place does better with their tarts than their chocolates.”

Rei: “As expected of Kaito, you know so much! Can I call you Sweets Master?”

Kaito: “Do as you wish… Hahaha.”

Madoka: (Wow, they managed to get together so easily…!)

Rei: “So Master, what were you trying to ask me about?”

Kaito: “Well, I actually want you to connect me to another person.”

Kaito: “You have a guy called Sudo at your place, right? Can you organise us two to meet up?”

Rei: “Sudo-san…? But he’s a bit difficult to get a hang of…”

Kaito: “Did you also wanna eat banana tart too?”

Rei: “Alright! I’ll do my best to make it happen, my Master!”


Madoka: “Kaito, what are you going to do after you meet Sudo?”

Kaito: “Like Four-Eyes was saying. We need to make allies, right? That’s what we’re going to do.”

Madoka: “But Sudo is a member of GENESIS… I don’t think he’d come over to our side…”

Kaito: “Well that’s true, that’s what normally would happen. But depending on how we go around it, we’ll manage it.”

Madoka: “Well, how are we going to do it…?”

Kaito: “Just leave everything to me. All you need to do is to just be by my side.”

As he said so, he reached out his hands to my cheek and caressed it gently as if he’s encouraging me.

Madoka: (Ah…)

The warmth from his fingertips slowly relaxed my heart.

Madoka: (I’ll trust Kaito… If I do, I feel like it’ll go well.)



Screenshot and original text taken from Yumeiro Cast/Yumecast app game.

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Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 11-2: No matter what, by your side]

Teruda: “Jeez, I’m so privileged to be called out by you, Mr. Shindo.”

Teruda: “I’ve been so excited to hear that you’ve got some good news.”

Kaito: “Well… why don’t you take a seat?”

5 days later, Kaito called up Mr Teruda to a nearby park.

Teruda: “I’m gonna say this first but don’t do anything violent to me, alright?”

Teruda: “I came well prepared myself. …Alright?”

Kaito: “Stop blabbering and just sit down. Unless you just wanna keep standing to talk?”

Madoka: (Kaito… I wonder what he is trying to do?)

—-Flashback Start—-

Kaito: “Don’t stand by us.”

Kaito: “Watch us from a little farther away and as soon as something is about to happen, let your phone ring.”

Madoka: “S… something?”

Kaito: “Well… you know.”

Madoka: “What’s this paper bag?”

Kaito: “It’s got a hat and sunglasses in it.”

Madoka: “Huh? But I’ve got my own…”

Kaito: “They’re too small.”

Kaito: “Besides, if they’re yours, then you’ll use them one day. What if they recognize you?”

Madoka: “Ah…”

Kaito: “You just need to listen to what I tell you… don’t do anything else.”

—-Flashback End—-

Teruda: “Now, what do you have up your sleeve?”

Kaito: “You’ve got a pretty nice face, don’t you?”

Teruda: “Huh?”

Kaito: “Looks like you’ve bloated yourself up with other’s blood. I wonder what bursts out of your face when it is crushed.”

Teruda: “…Mr. Shindo, don’t start up anything violent.”

Kaito: “But it’s not good to suck too much blood out of others. Even mosquitoes will start to become frail… and you can easily do this.”

Kaito clapped his hands together and a loud slapping noise echoed through the park.

Teruda: “Well, it seems like you don’t have a story to tell. I’ll head off in that case.”

Kaito: “…Sit down.”

Mr Teruda’s face stunned at Kaito’s deep voice. I got my phone ready in my hand in response.

Kaito: “To start off with, you should be retiring from your job. I’ll help you with that now.”

Madoka: (Ka… Kaito, what are you planning to do!?)

I threw the phone out and jumped out of the bush I was hiding behind.

Teruda: “Do you realise that this would be taken as a threat…!?”

Kaito: “I’m not trying to do anything like that. All I wanna do is talk with you.”

Kaito stood up slowly while Mr. Teruda was stuck to the bench, his face full of fear.

Madoka: “Stop!!”

By the time I realised, I screamed. Teruda looked towards me.

However, his eyes went straight back to his lap, where a thick envelope was thrown onto.

Kaito: “…Here. That’s my “story”.”

Teruda: “Huh…?”

Teruda opened the envelope with his trembling fingers.

Teruda: “You’re thinking I’ll forgive you with something like this…? I don’t know how much there is to your story but I won’t forgive you for something like this…”

He soon pulled out a thick bunch of documents. Teruda looked through them with a rather confused look.

Teruda: “Urgh!?”

Teruda’s eyes opened wide as he stared at the paperwork that fell from his hands. Numerous photos scattered around him.

Teruda: “No, no…!!”

He let out a scream as he tried to gather all the photos as fast as he could.

Madoka: (What’s going on…? What is Teruda doing…?)

Kaito: “So, are you ready to listen to me now?”

Teruda: “How much… do you want…?”

Kaito: “Like I said. Retire.”

Teruda: “What…”

Kaito: “…or so I would say but if I corner you too much then I won’t know what you’d do, so I’ll leave it to you this time.”

Kaito: “In return, I ask that you never involve us, Yumeiro Company.”

Teruda: “Are you sure that’s all you ask for… What about money…?”

Kaito: “Why would anyone ask for your dirty money!!”

Teruda: “I-, I’m sorry!!”

Kaito: “If I see you ever again around us, I’ll hand these documents and photos to the police. You got it?”

Teruda: “Yes, I understand…! I will never get close to any of your members nor write articles about them!”

Teruda’s eyes coincidentally met with mine.

Teruda: “Urgh!?”

He let out a high pitched scream. I only then realised that my sunglasses have dropped at my feet.

Teruda: “I haven’t seen anything! I haven’t seen anything! I haven’t seen anything at all!!”

Teruda tripped as he ran and brought back silence to the park.

Kaito: “…Jeez, why did you come out? I told you to leave everything to me.”

Kaito walked over to me.

Madoka: “Kaito…”

Kaito: “…It’s all done. Now that this is dusted, we can move freely.”

Kaito picked up the sunglasses from the ground.

Madoka: “What did that envelope have inside??”

Kaito: “Just some photos and recipes of sweets.”

Madoka: “What…?”

Madoka: “But in the photos there were people? I’m pretty certain that they weren’t photos of food…”

Kaito: “You must’ve seen it wrong.”

Madoka: “Huh…?”

Kaito: “I’ll say it again but they were photos of “sweets” and the documents were “recipes”. Got it?”

Madoka: “Ah…”


I finally understood what Kaito did for me.

What was inside the envelope must’ve been what Teruda would’ve hated to have it published. In fact, something that could lead him to retire from his job.


Madoka: (Kaito isn’t telling me the details so I won’t be involved anymore…)

Madoka: “Thank you Kaito.”

Kaito: “It’s nothing for you to thank me for. He reaped what he had sown.”

Madoka: “But how did you lay your hand on something like that?”

Kaito: “Well, there was someone I knew back from when I was still in bands. I got him to introduce me to a good handym… I mean, pattisier. “

Kaito: “He’s that type of a person that would spurt out dust the more you dig into him. He should clean himself before anyone decides to look into him.”

Madoka: “Kaito…”

I suddenly remembered what Kaito was saying before.

—-Flashback Start—-

Kaito: “Hmph, it’s fine, I’ll give you a special permission. I’ll let you love me…”

And then… Kaito continued…

Kaito: “But in return, you need to stay by my side. Somewhere where I can protect you at any time.”

Madoka: (Kaito… He kept his words…)

—-Flashback End—-

Kaito: “Oi, what’s the matter? Why are you starting to get teary?”

Madoka: “Ah… I’m sorry, some feelings just tugged me…”

Kaito stopped my hands as I tried to wipe my tears off.

Kaito: “Well, it just went well for this time.”

He wiped my tears off with his fingers.

Madoka: “Kaito…”

Kaito: “We should head home for tonight. We have to get up early tomorrow.”

Madoka: “Yes… that’s true.”

That’s right. Our production is still in harsh conditions. We still have heaps to do tomorrow.

Kaito: “I’ll lend you my shoulders for tonight… Come on.”

I got pulled by him and allowed him to take care of my body.     .

Kaito: “Okay, let’s go.”

Madoka: “Yes…”

We stepped away from the dark park while I was supported by Kaito.



Original text, CG and screenshot taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 11-1: Fury]

Kaito: “Yo, it’s been a while.”

Madoka: “Ah, Kaito. Good morning.”

Kaito: “My purification is over and I finally came into work.”

Madoka: “…Congratulations.”

Kaito: “So, where’s my cake for coming back?”

Madoka: “I’m sorry… I haven’t bought one.”

Kaito: “What about champagne then?”

Madoka: “We don’t keep any alcohol in the office.”

Kaito: “…Oi.”

Madoka: “…Yes.”

Kaito: “Did you eat something weird??”

Madoka: “Not that I know of…?”

Kaito: “No way! Normally you’d be more harsh with me. Did you change your personality while I was away or something?”

Madoka: “…I haven’t.”

Kaito: “Then just talk to me like usual. Come on, try to hurt me!”

Madoka: “…”

Kaito: “Jeez, what is it? What actually happened to you? Come on, tell what happened to this Shindou Kaito?”

Madoka: “Well… Teruda actually…”

Kaito: “What? …Teruda?”

Kaito’s face changed.

Kaito: “What does that mean? Tell me about it in details…”


Madoka: “Shiromuku of GENESIS came yesterday.”

I explained to him about Shiromuku’s visit and his aim for doing so.

Kaito: “What was that supposed to be for… That bastard, looking down on us…”

Madoka: “And then we got caught by Teruda by accident.”

Kaito: “It can’t be by coincidence! He must’ve been keeping an eye out on you and followed you.”

Kaito: “Once they think that it’s a good topic to make money out of, they’ll do anything for it… Jeez, they’re just so desperate.”

Madoka: “Teruda found Sousei’s media conference explanation rather suspicious and searched about me after that.”

Kaito: “Huh… and then they figured that you’re related to us. Thanks a lot to them for destroying my precautions…”

Madoka: “…I’m sorry.”

Kaito: “It’s not your fault. Don’t worry about it.”

Kaito: “I guess it can’t be helped. Others aside, he saw your face clearly.”

Kaito: “He wouldn’t have even guessed that you’re our scriptwriter but he got his game up as soon as he smelt money from you.”

Kaito: “Why don’t you wear something like sunglasses whenever you go out? Like the big ones celebrities wear.”

Madoka: “Perhaps I should…”

Kaito: “But that means that he saw you with Shiramuku of GENESIS despite being a member of Yumeiro Company.”

Madoka: “Yes… He was after an explanation from me. I told him the truth, but he didn’t believe in me at all…”

Kaito: “Ah, well I guess that’s how it’ll go. Jeez, Shiramuku never thinks of the aftermaths.”

Madoka: “I was asked by Teruda if I’m spying on them. Whether I’m telling them what play we’re doing next or any information about us.”

Kaito: “Nonsense. They never think of anything logical.”

Madoka: “Obviously, I denied that. But then he started saying something else and I…”

Kaito: “Huh?”

Madoka: “Then he assumed that I’m flirting between him and you…”

Kaito: “What…?”

Kaito’s eyes crunched and angled up sharply.

Kaito: “That bastard…”

A dry sound echoed as Kaito smashed his right fist into his left hand.

Kaito: “I’ll bash him up.”

Madoka: “Kaito, what are you planning to do!?”

Kaito: “I’ll make him shut up… Forever.”

Madoka: “No, you can’t do anything violent.”

Kaito: “…You don’t have a single say.”

Kaito: “I don’t mind if it’s just me. But since he made you get involved, I’m not gonna hold back.”

Madoka: “Ka… Kaito… ”



Original text and CG taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 10-3: Trouble, after trouble, after trouble?]

—-Phone Conversation—-

Kaito: “…Hey.”

Madoka: “Oh, Kaito. How are you feeling?”

Kaito: “Not bad. I’ve been able to work on composing since I have plenty of free time. I finished up the song with the guitar I was talking about yesterday. It turned out pretty well.”

Madoka: “I see, I’m glad to hear that.”

Kaito: “I’ll let you hear it another time.”

Madoka: “That would be great, thank you.”

Kaito: “Either way, this will end tomorrow. It was a pretty good break.”

Madoka: “Um, it wasn’t a break. You do understand that it was your punishment, right?”

Kaito was told to stay at home for a week after what happened.


Sousei: “Well, so that is the conclusion of his punishment. But I’m a little worried if Kaito will confide with it.”

Sousei: “If he breaks his house arrest and heads out to cause another trouble, then there’s no turning back…”

Madoka: “That’s true… Ah, would you like me to call him every now and then to check up on him?”

Sousei: “That would be helpful. Is that alright with you?”

Madoka: “Yep… I’d feel bad if I don’t do that at the very least for Kaito…”

Sousei: “Huh?”

Madoka: “Ah, it’s nothing. Just my own problems. Alright, so I’ll do that from now on. Leave it to me.”

—-Flashback End—-

Madoka: “To be honest, I didn’t believe that much you’d abide by your house arrest.”

Kaito: “Jeez, you sure have some guts to say something like that directly.”

Madoka: “Well, from all the things you’ve done thus far, it’s harder to believe you.”

Kaito: “Jeez…”

Madoka: “But I’m impressed in this case. I’m so relieved that you accepted the theatre’s punishment towards you.”

Kaito: “It couldn’t be helped in this matter, right?”

Kaito: “I haven’t stepped out of my house at all. I guess it was kinda annoying that I couldn’t even go out to buy food myself.”

Madoka: “But weren’t I online shopping for you instead?”

Kaito: “It’s pretty useful. I’ll use it every now and then from now on.”

Madoka: “Please feel free to. But do it yourself from now on, okay? I won’t order for you anymore.”

Kaito: “Well, even if you say so you’re a generous girl. I’ll count on you.”

Madoka: “Jeez, Kaito…”

Kaito: “By the way, how are you guys going?”

Madoka: “Well… To be honest, nothing’s improved.”

Madoka: “But I feel that the amount of journalists around our theatre has decreased.”

Kaito: “Wrong. Those guys come out just when you think they’ve disappeared.”

Kaito: “Don’t let your guard down. They’d get over it soon but this story will get them good money. As long as they have that in mind, they won’t stop.”

Madoka: “I’ll keep that in mind. Oh, Sousei contacted me about something.”

—-Phone Conversation End—-

—-At Theatre Company—-

Sousei: “I see… I’m glad to hear that he’s holding onto himself.”

Sousei: “There’s only one day to go, so it’ll end well. Thank you so much, Madoka.”

Madoka: “Not at all. I’ve only been talking on the phone and that’s it.”

Sousei: “By the way, Shiramuku of GENESIS is in the nearby café to see you.”

Madoka: “Shiramuku…?”

Sousei: “It seemed like he was told something by their leader, Haiba… What do you think?”

Madoka: “Why me though?”

Sousei: “I don’t know either. He only told me that he’s been told by Haiba to.”

Madoka: “I see. Well I’ll go seeing him since I’m interested.”

—-At Café—-


Rei: “Wow, it’s such a nice place! The tea and cakes look so nice too.”

Madoka: “So what did you come here for?”

Rei: “Is it alright if I order first? Excuse me! Um, I’d like this cake set with gâteau au chocolat and royal milk tea. What do you want?”

Madoka: “I’ll just have hot coffee…”

Rei: “EH!? Don’t say that, please order a cake set like me. Then we could have two types and eat half of each!”

Madoka: “Um… Then apple pie with coffee…”

As soon as the cakes arrived, Shiramuku cut up both of them into two.

Rei: “Okay, so this is your share. First bite of the cake… Mmm, it’s delicious!”

Madoka: “So about Haiba’s request…?”

Rei: “Oh, that’s already done!”

Madoka: “What…?”

Rei: “You see, I was just asked to take a look at how you guys are doing.”

Rei: “Haiba was concerned about that article on Asahina-sensei. So he sent me to you guys.”

Madoka: “So you were here for observation…?”

Rei: “You could say so.”

Madoka: “That’s…!!!”

Rei: “But that would have been boring, so I thought I’d have a chat with you.”

Madoka: “Huh…?”

Rei: “I’m interested in you, Madoka. From the first time I saw you… Maybe I’m in love.”

Madoka: “Um… Well I’m sorry in that case. I’m not after those kinds of things at the moment…”

By the time we left the café, it was already dark.

Rei: “Ah, it’s already so late. Thank you so much for keeping company for so long.”

Madoka: “Not at all… Please get home safe.”

Rei: “Will do. See you again!”

Madoka: (Sigh… What was that…)

Madoka: (I guess I’ll head back to report to Sousei…)

Or so I was thinking.

???: “Hey, good evening. Do you remember me?”

I turned towards the voice and saw a man smiling rather happily.

???: “It’s been a while, Miss Madoka.”

There, I saw the journalist of “Disclosure of Gossips”, Teruda.



Screenshots and original text taken from Yumecast / Yumeiro Cast app game.

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Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Cast Drama: ~Sweet~]

—-Part 1—-

The flavour of chocolate; such a distinctive flavour that your brain just responds to.

Once you have a taste, you’d never get out. A dangerous flavour…

Kaito: “…Are these gifts for me? Ha, seems rather modest than usual.”

He lifted his mouth up and stared at the gift box.

Kaito: “Bon Bon Chocolat filled with liquor, huh. You know my taste well, I’ll praise you for that.”

Kaito: “But…”

His sight moved from the chocolate to my face.

Kaito: “I… didn’t know you can make a face like that. You’re always saying stuff that has nothing sexy with it.”

His smile disappeared as he lifted his brows. The distance between us shortened, he came closer and closer.

My heart beat fast to his eyes, glowing with heat.

Kaito: “What kind of face, you say? Look into the mirror yourself. Your face says to make you mine.”

Kaito: “Come to me. I’ll melt your body and heart… just like a chocolate.”

Madoka: “Cu-, cut, that’s a cut!!! That last line wasn’t even on the script!!”

I shook my head as I stepped backwards. Kaito brushed his hair up in boredom.

Kaito: “It’s Valentines after all. I just merely did some fanservice.”

Today’s shoot involves Valentine’s Day promotion video. The script has been written by an outer script writer and our actors have to act by themselves.

The act just then was only a rehearsal.

Madoka: “Kaito, you were very smooth just then but you can’t just improvise like that. This is supposed to be our company’s promotion.”

Kaito: “Hm…”

Kaito crossed his arms and smirked.

Kaito: “So I take it that you like to be said those kinds of lines privately?”

Madoka: “What…!?”

Kaito: “Alright, look forward to our time after this.”

He smirked at me as he left for the dressing room to get his hair and make up done.

Meanwhile, I stood there, lost at words.

—-Part 2—-


The video shoot finished up by the time the sun set.

After coming back to the office, I had a thorough look at the photos that were taken today.

The other members have already packed up their part and left for home… or so I thought.

Kaito: “…Hey, Madoka. How long are you planning to keep slapping the PC with a face like that?”

Kaito suddenly appeared from the lesson room with a puzzled face.

Madoka: “Kaito, haven’t you finished packing up? Should I help out?”

Kaito: “Huh? I’ve finished that ages ago.”

Madoka: “Then why…”

Kaito: “Jeez, this is why I don’t like ignorant girls. Just leave that for a sec and let’s have Café au Lait together.”

Kaito threw himself onto the sofa after coming into the office.

Madoka: “But… I still haven’t finished the work.”

He glared at me as I mumbled and crossed his long legs.

Kaito: “Hey, what day do you think today is?”

Madoka: “What day… It’s Valentines.”

Kaito: “Then just pack yourself up and hang out with me instead. It’s not like you need to finish that off today, right?”

He said it off roughly but I knew from experience that it was just a way to hide his embarrassment.

Madoka: “That’s true… Alright, I’m gonna finish off here for today!”

I shut down my PC, made a drink for two quickly and sat across from Kaito.

Kaito: “Alright, I guess I’ll have this to go with my drink.”

Madoka: “Ah, that is…!!”

Kaito took out the Valentines chocolate I gave him earlier on with a happy mood.

Kaito: “What, this is mine, so I’m not sharing it with you.”

Madoka: “Of course, I don’t mind. I ate bits and pieces of it as I was making it.”

Kaito: “As you were making it… As I thought, this was handmade by you.”

He opened his eyes and stared at the half bitten chocolate in his hands.

Kaito: “Decoration with “Boneless Hamu”… I’m surprised you made chocolate with such intricate design for everyone. I’ll compliment you on that determination.”

Kaito glanced over at me as he said so.

Kaito: “I told you to look forward to the time together after the shoot right? Come here, I’ll give you a reward.”

Madoka: “Um, hang on a sec…! What do you mean by “for everyone”…?”

Kaito looked annoyed as if I’ve interrupted the sweet mood.

Kaito: “You were handing them out during the shoot. Not just to the members but also to the staffs too.”

Madoka: “Those were different! Those ones were obligation chocolates that were store bought!!”

Kaito: “What…!?”

Kaito’s eyes became round in surprise. His cheeks started to become red after a moment.

Madoka: “I got them ready because I was told that we would need chocolates for props…”

Madoka: “But I felt bad to just hand them to the company’s members, so I gave them to everyone that was at the shoot today.”

Kaito: “Wait… So what everyone was getting from you was a factory made one to be used at that photo shoot…”

Madoka: “Yep, the only handmade one is for you, Kaito.”

Kaito: “Wha-… Are you serious!?”

Kaito covered his mouth as his face flushed red, feeling like his usual confidence was wrecked.

Madoka: “Well… I thought you’d notice. I wouldn’t do something so intricate for anyone other than my whole hearted one.”

Kaito: “Whole hearted…? This one? Yours? I… I didn’t get it!!”

Kaito looked away to hide his embarrassment and threw the chocolate into his mouth.

Madoka: “But I’m glad I was able to surprise you. It was worth that two hours of decorating.”

Kaito’s face stoned, astonished after I smiled brightly.

Kaito: “Two hours… for decoration… Ah damn!!! I forgot to take a photo before I ate it!!!”

Madoka: “Ah, same! I wrapped it up before I took a photo…”

Kaito: “Damn, I’ve already had half of it! It’s because you said something so weird!!”

Kaito: “Ok, make me the same thing again!”

Madoka: “Huh!? I don’t have anymore ingredients to use, I can’t do that!”

Kaito: “Don’t give up before you try! You’re not going home till you do!”

Madoka: “Re-… really…”

As I was worried about the sudden request, Kaito stared at the half eaten chocolate like a small boy.

Looking at him like that made me feel like I want to do everything he wishes for…


Screenshot and original text taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 10-2: Clumsy gentleness]

After Asahina-sensei’s gossip was reported, Kaito and I were surrounded by journalists right near our production.

Unluckily, there was a rude journalist that made Kaito rage.

Teruda: “Kyaaa!! Violence shouldn’t be allowed!!”

Kaito: “You!!!”

Madoka: “Kaito! You can’t do this, please let go.”

I clinged onto Kaito’s arm which soon loosened the grip at Mr. Teruda’s collar.”

Teruda: *coughs* “I was about to get choked…”

Kaito: “You’re just doing this on purpose…”

Madoka: “Kaito, let’s just ignore them and leave, quick!”

But it was that moment…

Teruda: “Miss, wait.”

Mr. Teruda grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back forcefully.

Madoka: “Kya!”

Kaito: “Madoka!!”

Teruda: “Hey, you know Mr. Shindou really well, right? Can you answer the interview for us? I’ll make sure I reward you well.”

Mr. Teruda pushed the recorder towards me and others already have gotten their camera ready.

Kaito: “Let go of her!!”

Kaito jumped in between us.

Teruda: “Urgh…!!”

He pushed Teruda away and pulled me closer to him with his other hand.

Madoka: (Ah!!)

He dragged me away from the crowd, still having me in his arms.

Kaito: “Run!!”

I bolted off with his voice and ran towards the street as there wasn’t enough time to open the door with the key.

Kaito: “She’s got nothing to do with this. If you wanna take something, take me!”


Sousei: “…You sure did something, Kaito.”

Sousei: “The websites are having a party over you and our website’s server crashed.”

The PC screen showed a photo on the news website of Kaito pushing Teruda away.

There are other photos of him glaring at the media journalists and others of him pulling back the journalists trying to escape.

Madoka: (I didn’t know this happened after I escaped…)

Sousei: “Kaito, do you have anything to say?”

Kaito: “…The ones at fault are them.”

Jin: “I believe in your words. After all, I recognise the journalists in the photo as the extreme ones.”

Jin: “It’s just that the timing was really bad this time round. It was the day after yesterday.”

Sousei: “We were supposed to hold a media conference today. Because of this, our position became worse.”

Madoka: “Um, Sousei, actually…”

Kaito: “You keep quiet.”

Madoka: “Kaito!!! But…”

Kaito: “This is what I did. Outsiders should close their mouth.”

Madoka: “What do you mean by outsiders…”

Kaito: “You’ve got nothing to do with this!!!”

Frightened by his rage, I couldn’t continue my sentence.

Kaito: “Get this, Four Eyes. The only one that was involved in this issue was me.”

Sousei: “What do you want me to say at the media conference?”

Kaito: “Just say whatever you want.”

Sousei: “Alright. However, I can’t let this go as a part of production. Keep in mind that there will be consequences.”

Kaito: “Do whatever pleases you. …I’ll listen to your orders.”

Kaito: “We’re done with this for today, right? I’m going home now so tell me what my consequence is via phone.”

Madoka: “Kaito, wait!”

Kaito: “So loud… What is it?”

Madoka: “Why did you say something like that?”

Kaito: “Like what?”

Madoka: “What do you mean this issue was all your fault… It wasn’t like that!!”

Madoka: “Because, Kaito, you hel-…”

Kaito: “Now that I think about it, that convenience store was gonna start selling new sweets today.”

Madoka: “Huh?”

Kaito: “For some reason I’ve lost memory of this morning. I should be eating something sweet at times like this.”

Kaito: “No pictures of you were uploaded online. That means you weren’t at the scene, correct?”

Kaito: “I’m glad you weren’t there.”

Kaito: “If you were, that Four Eyes would’ve had to explain about it at the media conference.”

Kaito: “If that happened, then those idiots would realise that you’re related to me somehow. They’d follow you around, no doubt.”

Kaito: “That would be pretty bothersome. Who’s gonna be happy with that?”

Madoka: “Kaito…”

Kaito: “…Just quickly go home. There’s no point if you’re caught by the journalists again.”

Madoka: “Then… I’ll go home after I go to that convenience store.”

Kaito: “Huh?”

Madoka: “I’ll treat you as many sweets as you like. Please take them home.”

Kaito: “…”

Kaito looked left and right quickly and looked back at me after checking that no one’s around.”

Kaito: “Thanks.”

Madoka: “Woah!”

Kaito ruffled my hair roughly.

Kaito: “I’d have to say that I’ll pass on that offer. I wouldn’t want people to see us hanging out with each other.”

Kaito: “I’ll take your thoughts for now, it’s enough for me. …See ya.”

After saying so, he faced his back to me and walked off.


Screenshot and original text taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 10-1: Caution!]

Madoka: (I think it’s better for me to go early today…)

Madoka: *breaths in* “…Alright!”

I breathed in deeply and pushed energy into me before I burst out of my house.

Madoka: (Things have gotten rough now…)

Yesterday, there was an article about Asahina-sensei on the weekly magazine that was published on that day.

Asahina-sensei is praised to be a genius, so the media tends to feature them quite often.

Most of the articles featured hidden accomplishments and some were about people that were influenced by Sensei. It was almost always something that highlights them in a good way.

But yesterday’s was an exception. They featured a big scandal.

Madoka: (I’m gonna assume there’s going to be a lot of people coming today…)

The journalists barged in on us yesterday all of a sudden and no one was able to work properly.

Madoka: (I could only hope for this issue to die down…)

Madoka: (I came a bit earlier than expected…)

I managed to reach the theatre early since the trains and the streets tend to be quiet around this time.

Madoka: (If I could go inside right now…)

I rushed over to the staff only entrance.

But it was when I was about to pass the shrubs surrounding the building.

???: “Wait.”

A voice came from the side suddenly. I shuddered in surprise.

Madoka: (Did someone find me…!?)

I pretended that I didn’t hear anything and took steps away from the shrub. Suddenly a hand reached out to grab my arm.

???: “I said wait!!”

It pulled me back. From what I felt, it was a male body.

Madoka: (Is it… a stranger!?)

I screamed out loud…

Madoka: “Kyaaa!!”

???: “O, oi!!”

Just when the stranger’s hand tried to cover my mouth, I bit his hand and attempted to escape.

???: “Wow, stop it!!! What are you doing, Madoka!!”

Madoka: (Huh…?)

I regained my calmness after being called by my name.

Madoka: (Now that I think about it, I’m sure I’ve heard that voice somewhere…)

I slowly looked back, feeling frightened. Who I saw was…

Madoka: “Kaito!?”

Kaito: “Jeez… How dare you do something like that.”

Madoka: “That’s my line. What are you doing here?”

Kaito: “It’s because of the guards…”

Madoka: “Huh…?”

Kaito: “It’s because of that new guard! Actually, you might as well fire him.”

Madoka: “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Were you drinking before you came by any chance?”

Kaito: “Oh, I’m glad you know me well enough.”

Madoka: “As expected… I’m assuming you were acting high and mighty being surrounded by your female fans?”

Kaito: “Huh?”

Kaito: “Are you… jealous?”

Madoka: “As… as if I’d be!”

Kaito: “Jeez… What are you saying, you idiot.”

Kaito: “You got it wrong, I haven’t had anything today.”

Madoka: “Huh?”

Kaito: “I just came early by coincidence because I wanted to compose a song.”

Kaito: “Besides, why would I have to go out drinking with girls other than yo-… I mean, what are you making me say!?”

Madoka: “Could you refrain from correcting your own mistakes please? …Well now I understand the situation.”

Kaito: “Heh, you’re relieved now.”

Madoka: “We’ve ended that talk! Even so, the guard has nothing to do with this afterall!”

Kaito: “Well they actually do. They’re not letting me in at all.”

Kaito: “No matter what I say, they keep saying that I need my ID card… They can’t be flexible at all.”

Madoka: “Kaito, what happened to your ID card?”

Kaito: “It’s in my wallet. It’s just that that wallet is at home.”

Madoka: “Ah, I see how it is. Finally I understand your situation.”

Madoka: “We’ll head inside together. By the way, I’m surprised you stayed outside for so long at a time like this. Did any journalists find you?”

Kaito: “What do you mean at a time like this?”

Madoka: “You haven’t heard!? It’s about that article on Asahina-sensei!!”

Kaito: “Asahina Makoto? Why would I even care about that guy.”

Madoka: “Even the TV was on about him… He’s like a personification of miracles.”

Kaito: “What happened? Was an outrageous past of his exposed or something?”

Madoka: “…There’s a weekly magazine in the office, so please read it for yourself.”

Madoka: “Anyway, let’s head in now. If we’re found by journalists…”

???: “Ah! You’re Shindou Kaito from Yumeiro Company, correct!?”

Kaito: “What is it?”

Madoka: (Oh no, we’ve been found…!)

…Suddenly we were surrounded by 5 journalists. Where were they even hiding…

???: “Nice to meet ya. I’m Teruda from quarterly magazine “Disclosure of Gossips”.”

Out of them, the one that caught us stepped forward.

Teruda: Mr. Shindou, do you have anything to say about Asahina-sensei?”

Kaito: “…I don’t know anything about him.”

Teruda: “You’re in such a bad mood… Oh, who’s this woman with you? Perhaps your partner you spent the last night with?”

Kaito: “…What did you say?”

Kaito’s expression changed immediately.

Kaito: “Oi, what did you just say!?”

Kaito’s hand reached out to Teruda’s collar.

Madoka: (Ka, Kaito!?)


Screenshot and original text taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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