Shindo Kaito Drama Translation: [Chapter 11-2: No matter what, by your side]

Teruda: “Jeez, I’m so privileged to be called out by you, Mr. Shindo.”

Teruda: “I’ve been so excited to hear that you’ve got some good news.”

Kaito: “Well… why don’t you take a seat?”

5 days later, Kaito called up Mr Teruda to a nearby park.

Teruda: “I’m gonna say this first but don’t do anything violent to me, alright?”

Teruda: “I came well prepared myself. …Alright?”

Kaito: “Stop blabbering and just sit down. Unless you just wanna keep standing to talk?”

Madoka: (Kaito… I wonder what he is trying to do?)

—-Flashback Start—-

Kaito: “Don’t stand by us.”

Kaito: “Watch us from a little farther away and as soon as something is about to happen, let your phone ring.”

Madoka: “S… something?”

Kaito: “Well… you know.”

Madoka: “What’s this paper bag?”

Kaito: “It’s got a hat and sunglasses in it.”

Madoka: “Huh? But I’ve got my own…”

Kaito: “They’re too small.”

Kaito: “Besides, if they’re yours, then you’ll use them one day. What if they recognize you?”

Madoka: “Ah…”

Kaito: “You just need to listen to what I tell you… don’t do anything else.”

—-Flashback End—-

Teruda: “Now, what do you have up your sleeve?”

Kaito: “You’ve got a pretty nice face, don’t you?”

Teruda: “Huh?”

Kaito: “Looks like you’ve bloated yourself up with other’s blood. I wonder what bursts out of your face when it is crushed.”

Teruda: “…Mr. Shindo, don’t start up anything violent.”

Kaito: “But it’s not good to suck too much blood out of others. Even mosquitoes will start to become frail… and you can easily do this.”

Kaito clapped his hands together and a loud slapping noise echoed through the park.

Teruda: “Well, it seems like you don’t have a story to tell. I’ll head off in that case.”

Kaito: “…Sit down.”

Mr Teruda’s face stunned at Kaito’s deep voice. I got my phone ready in my hand in response.

Kaito: “To start off with, you should be retiring from your job. I’ll help you with that now.”

Madoka: (Ka… Kaito, what are you planning to do!?)

I threw the phone out and jumped out of the bush I was hiding behind.

Teruda: “Do you realise that this would be taken as a threat…!?”

Kaito: “I’m not trying to do anything like that. All I wanna do is talk with you.”

Kaito stood up slowly while Mr. Teruda was stuck to the bench, his face full of fear.

Madoka: “Stop!!”

By the time I realised, I screamed. Teruda looked towards me.

However, his eyes went straight back to his lap, where a thick envelope was thrown onto.

Kaito: “…Here. That’s my “story”.”

Teruda: “Huh…?”

Teruda opened the envelope with his trembling fingers.

Teruda: “You’re thinking I’ll forgive you with something like this…? I don’t know how much there is to your story but I won’t forgive you for something like this…”

He soon pulled out a thick bunch of documents. Teruda looked through them with a rather confused look.

Teruda: “Urgh!?”

Teruda’s eyes opened wide as he stared at the paperwork that fell from his hands. Numerous photos scattered around him.

Teruda: “No, no…!!”

He let out a scream as he tried to gather all the photos as fast as he could.

Madoka: (What’s going on…? What is Teruda doing…?)

Kaito: “So, are you ready to listen to me now?”

Teruda: “How much… do you want…?”

Kaito: “Like I said. Retire.”

Teruda: “What…”

Kaito: “…or so I would say but if I corner you too much then I won’t know what you’d do, so I’ll leave it to you this time.”

Kaito: “In return, I ask that you never involve us, Yumeiro Company.”

Teruda: “Are you sure that’s all you ask for… What about money…?”

Kaito: “Why would anyone ask for your dirty money!!”

Teruda: “I-, I’m sorry!!”

Kaito: “If I see you ever again around us, I’ll hand these documents and photos to the police. You got it?”

Teruda: “Yes, I understand…! I will never get close to any of your members nor write articles about them!”

Teruda’s eyes coincidentally met with mine.

Teruda: “Urgh!?”

He let out a high pitched scream. I only then realised that my sunglasses have dropped at my feet.

Teruda: “I haven’t seen anything! I haven’t seen anything! I haven’t seen anything at all!!”

Teruda tripped as he ran and brought back silence to the park.

Kaito: “…Jeez, why did you come out? I told you to leave everything to me.”

Kaito walked over to me.

Madoka: “Kaito…”

Kaito: “…It’s all done. Now that this is dusted, we can move freely.”

Kaito picked up the sunglasses from the ground.

Madoka: “What did that envelope have inside??”

Kaito: “Just some photos and recipes of sweets.”

Madoka: “What…?”

Madoka: “But in the photos there were people? I’m pretty certain that they weren’t photos of food…”

Kaito: “You must’ve seen it wrong.”

Madoka: “Huh…?”

Kaito: “I’ll say it again but they were photos of “sweets” and the documents were “recipes”. Got it?”

Madoka: “Ah…”


I finally understood what Kaito did for me.

What was inside the envelope must’ve been what Teruda would’ve hated to have it published. In fact, something that could lead him to retire from his job.


Madoka: (Kaito isn’t telling me the details so I won’t be involved anymore…)

Madoka: “Thank you Kaito.”

Kaito: “It’s nothing for you to thank me for. He reaped what he had sown.”

Madoka: “But how did you lay your hand on something like that?”

Kaito: “Well, there was someone I knew back from when I was still in bands. I got him to introduce me to a good handym… I mean, pattisier. “

Kaito: “He’s that type of a person that would spurt out dust the more you dig into him. He should clean himself before anyone decides to look into him.”

Madoka: “Kaito…”

I suddenly remembered what Kaito was saying before.

—-Flashback Start—-

Kaito: “Hmph, it’s fine, I’ll give you a special permission. I’ll let you love me…”

And then… Kaito continued…

Kaito: “But in return, you need to stay by my side. Somewhere where I can protect you at any time.”

Madoka: (Kaito… He kept his words…)

—-Flashback End—-

Kaito: “Oi, what’s the matter? Why are you starting to get teary?”

Madoka: “Ah… I’m sorry, some feelings just tugged me…”

Kaito stopped my hands as I tried to wipe my tears off.

Kaito: “Well, it just went well for this time.”

He wiped my tears off with his fingers.

Madoka: “Kaito…”

Kaito: “We should head home for tonight. We have to get up early tomorrow.”

Madoka: “Yes… that’s true.”

That’s right. Our production is still in harsh conditions. We still have heaps to do tomorrow.

Kaito: “I’ll lend you my shoulders for tonight… Come on.”

I got pulled by him and allowed him to take care of my body.     .

Kaito: “Okay, let’s go.”

Madoka: “Yes…”

We stepped away from the dark park while I was supported by Kaito.



Original text, CG and screenshot taken from Yumeiro Cast / Yumecast app game.

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