Shindo Kaito Romance Drama Translation: [Chapter 11-3: Kaito’s way to persuade]

Kaito: “Jeez, what’s this mess…”

Madoka: “I was expecting bad things but not this much…”

Asahina-sensei’s scandalous article prolonged longer than we’ve expected and it got to a point where Kyoya’s next production got cancelled.

It wasn’t decided at once, obviously, but it took the people against the cancellation to give up.

…However, that wasn’t the end of it.

We, the Yumeiro Company, received so many complaints not only from the media members but also from the fans.

Sousei: “…I’m back.”

Kaito: “Oh Four-Eyes, good work.”

Madoka: “How was it?”

Sousei: “In all honesty, not good at all. I was even told that to cancel this event is against the policies.”

Madoka: “What!? By any chance, are they asking for compensation…?”

Sousei: “I tried my best to avoid that. However, it seems that it’s good for us to start talking to the lawyers.”

Kaito: “This whole thing is only going downhill at this rate…”

Sousei: “It would be good if we’re able to have an ally.”

Sousei: “The media, the fans, the companies that are involved, everyone in the industry… All of them are against us.”

Sousei: “We can just say that it can’t be helped but we really need to get out of this cornered spot, otherwise we won’t be able to do anything.”

Madoka: “This is pretty tough…”


Madoka: “Kaito, you’ve been silent all this time. What are you thinking?”

Kaito: “Huh? Ah…”

Kaito: “I was thinking about what Four-Eyes said before. That thing about making allies.”

Kaito: “Something similar happened before.”

Madoka: “Huh?”

Kaito: “It wasn’t my band but there was another one that caused a big ruckus from cancelling a live.”

Kaito: “But they found a way out eventually.”

Madoka: “I see… How did they do that?”

Kaito: “They had a local TV station that they were close with, so they opened an apology conference via them.”

Madoka: “So by media… But we can’t do that this time.”

Madoka: “We weren’t in favour with them even before Asahina-sensei’s article came out.”

Kaito: “…That’s true. They were always keeping sides with GENESIS and trying to start up something with us.”

Kaito: “GENESIS this, GENESIS that… What’s with them and GENESIS?”

Kaito’s words cut off.

Madoka: “…Kaito?”

Kaito: “Right… GENESIS.”

Madoka: “Pardon?”

Kaito: “Hey, you said that Shiramuku came to see you before, right? Do you have his contact details?”

Madoka: “Shiramuku-san…”


Rei: “Yay, it’s Madoka!”

Madoka: “Good afternoon, Shiramuku-san.”

Kaito: “Yo, Shiramuku.”

Rei: “Huh? Why is Kaito here!? I thought this was a date between Madoka and me~”

Madoka: “Um, I thought I mentioned in the email that it’s with Kaito and me…?”

Rei: “Well, I actually thought that it was a day out since it said the two of us.”

Kaito: “Why are you trying to read her words in your favour!? On top of that, my name was clearly stated.”

Rei: “It probably didn’t come into my sight. I don’t remember seeing it.”

Kaito: “Oi!”


Rei: “Wow, this cake is so delicious!”

Kaito: “I told you. This place does better with their tarts than their chocolates.”

Rei: “As expected of Kaito, you know so much! Can I call you Sweets Master?”

Kaito: “Do as you wish… Hahaha.”

Madoka: (Wow, they managed to get together so easily…!)

Rei: “So Master, what were you trying to ask me about?”

Kaito: “Well, I actually want you to connect me to another person.”

Kaito: “You have a guy called Sudo at your place, right? Can you organise us two to meet up?”

Rei: “Sudo-san…? But he’s a bit difficult to get a hang of…”

Kaito: “Did you also wanna eat banana tart too?”

Rei: “Alright! I’ll do my best to make it happen, my Master!”


Madoka: “Kaito, what are you going to do after you meet Sudo?”

Kaito: “Like Four-Eyes was saying. We need to make allies, right? That’s what we’re going to do.”

Madoka: “But Sudo is a member of GENESIS… I don’t think he’d come over to our side…”

Kaito: “Well that’s true, that’s what normally would happen. But depending on how we go around it, we’ll manage it.”

Madoka: “Well, how are we going to do it…?”

Kaito: “Just leave everything to me. All you need to do is to just be by my side.”

As he said so, he reached out his hands to my cheek and caressed it gently as if he’s encouraging me.

Madoka: (Ah…)

The warmth from his fingertips slowly relaxed my heart.

Madoka: (I’ll trust Kaito… If I do, I feel like it’ll go well.)



Screenshot and original text taken from Yumeiro Cast/Yumecast app game.

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